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7 reasons why it’s better!  

Microfibre Towels


So you’re going camping?  Backpacking, perhaps away for a sporting weekend. Don’t forget a microfiber towel! What’s that I hear you ask? Well today we’re going to share with you 7 things you didn’t know about microfiber and why it makes them the best choice for Camping, Travel, leisure and sports!

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  1. Microfibre is a manmade fabric composed of polyester and polyamide fibres. The composition of this varies according to the end use. Microfibres for travel and sports towels tend to be 80% -90%
  2. Microfibre fibres are super thin and finer than a strand of silk, around 1/6 the diameter of a thread of hair. The fibre is split into super fine fibres, these microscopic sized filaments are formed around a core of polyamide. If you looked at a cross section it would look a bit like a bicycle wheel with spokes and between those spokes are wedges. This makes it great at lifting dirt & moisture unlike cotton fibre which ‘pushes’ the dirt and moisture away. Moisture and dirt is lifted and locked into the space between the wedges.microfiber v cotton
  3. As Microfibre is made of ultra fine fibres it makes it very light and compact. You can easily fold a 180 cm x 80 cm microfiber towel to 28 cm x 18 cm. A towel of that size also only weighs around 300 grams contrast that to a smaller traditional towel at 90 cm x 40 cm that weighs almost 800 grams.
  4. Due to the way the fibre is produced with the split filaments it lifts & locks moisture in really well this make it highly absorbent. You can dry your whole body with a microfiber towel that’s the 1/6th the size of your ordinary bath towel. Which means you can take a smaller one when you’re limited on space.
  5. The way microfiber is produced means it dries really quickly. You can wring out most of the water and reuse immediately or leave to dry completely. As they’re so fast drying you’re not going to be packing a damp soggy towel that goes smelly and can’t be reused.backpacker microfibre towel
  6. Microfibers compact size, light weight and high absorbency means they are really practical and versatile making them a great choice for camping, travelling, sports and exercise. They’re light, will hardly take up any bag space and dry quickly so can be reused. There’s really no reason not to choose one for your travel & leisure needs
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    care symbol microfibre towel
  1. To best care for your towel machine or hand wash on low without bleach, softener or strong detergents. A gentler fragrance free liquid detergent is best. Avoid washing with cotton or other linens as the fibres will stick on the microfibre and clog the ‘wedges’. The ideal way to dry is to lay it flat and air dry though it can be tumble dried on low. Little to no heat is advisable so ironing. Lay it flat or fold to keep neat.

Now we’ve shared with you some fascinating facts about microfibre how it’s made and its advantages, why not get one of your own?  You can buy from here:

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