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5 cool ways to use your microfibre towel

The uses for a microfibre travel towel are vast and with these lightweight towels, you can take them anywhere!

The microfibre towels are compact, lightweight and are super absorbent to suck up tons of water fast. They are very gentle on the skin with no harsh additives like chemicals or scratchy fibres. The absorbent nature of the microfibre material gives you more choices for uses than other towels of differing fabrics. The most durable micro-fibre camping towel can hold up to four times their weight in water and give the user ten times faster drying than the average towels made of cotton or other textiles on the market today. If you are an avid hiker, camper or even a yoga fan, the use of a quick dry micro-fibre towel makes so much sense.

microfiber travel towel quick dry microfiber towel

1. Use Your Microfibre Towel as a Travel Blanket

If you travel by car, bus, train or plane doesn’t matter because the micro-fibre is will travel nicely anywhere and even though lightweight will keep you warm. Us it to cover your legs at a game or as you curl up in your seat of the car as you ride and cosy yourself in its warmth.


2. Take Microfibre Travel Towel to the Beach

Take this lightweight towel to the beach and you will be amazed how fast you dry your skin. You will not have to worry about sand sticking to your wet feet or legs anymore because you will be dry within seconds of leaving the water. The nature of microfiber fabric means the sand doesn’t stick to it either!


3. Microfibre Camping Towel

If you are an avid hiker and camper, then you know that your gear being lightweight is of great importance. Simply put these super light towels in your backpack and you can rest assured that you will have a quick dry towel at your disposal.

Bay Lifestyle towel camping

4. Gym Uses

Take your quick dry micro-fibre towel to the gym to whisk away sweat and dry your body after a hot shower. While doing yoga at the gym or at home, you know that you get hot and sticky. By using a microfiber towel that can leave you feeling fresh and clean after wiping down your body, will help you stay focused.


5. Travelling Companion

If you travel for work or vacationing, bringing your easily packable microfiber travel towel will leave more room in your luggage for other items. You can pack three or four of these small but super absorbent towels over just one or two of the more bulky terry cloth options.

The micro-fibre travel towel can provide numerous different options to the user from drying, keeping you cosy to wiping off sweat. The quick dry micro-fibre towel is very lightweight, easy to pack to give you the ability to bring them anywhere.


microfiber travel towel

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