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MIcrofibre Towel

 It’s that time of year again. Summer is pretty much here, blue skies, long days. School holidays are just around the corner. It’s time to get planning.

1) Glow In The Dark Lanterns

These glow in the dark DIY lanterns are so fun, the kids will love making them too! Here’s how they did it.

If you don’t want to use glow sticks this version uses glow in the dark paint, has a simple and easy to follow tutorial. 

1. glow-jars-for-kids-camping agirlandagluegun

2) Milk Bottle Reading Lamp

This simple hack makes a great reading lamp Check out our video tutorial here

How to make a camping light hack
Lamp Tutorial 3

Lamp Tutorial1

3) Single Dose Toothpaste, Liquids & Spices

Rather than taking a whole tube of toothpaste, ointments or oils

use a heat sealed straw to store. Simply cut the end of a straw, fill with your liquid and heat the end with a lighter. See it heresurvival_drinking_straw_spice_kit_labeled

4) Foam Puzzle Tent Flooring

The ground can feel so hard and those stones and rocks under the tent are so bumpy, save your feet with this. See what this family did here


5) A Shoe Storage Outdoor Kitchen

This is such a great solution for your camp kitchen or storing other bits of kit. Maggie Barnet came up with super idea

outdoor camping storage lifehacker

6) Cotton Ball Firestarters

Set your fire off with a bang with this DIY Firestarter


The tutorials here

7) Nature Noughts & Crosses

The kids will have as much fun hunting for the sticks and stones as they will playing.

httppinterestsummer2012blogspot noughts crosses camping

8) Muddy Shoe Covers

Getting mud in the tent is the last thing you want. This hack is super easy and cheap to do!


9) Bottle Shower

Staying clean when you’re camping off road can be a hassle. This hack looks easy and the kids will find it fun!


10) Use A Microfibre Towel

Microfibre is lightweight, compact and super absorbent. They’ll hardly take up any room in your bag. They dry quickly making them very versatile and ideal for your camping trip. Buy ours here

new main pic


11) Glowstick Ring Toss

Part of the fun of camping is the dark nights. The kids will want to stay up to play this fun game with glow sticks! This fun family have more glowstick games here


12) Cutlery Stand Mini Bbq

What a genius hack here with a Cutlery stand transformed into a mini BBQ. The full tutorial can be found here

Cutlery bbq

13) Outdoor Drinks Holder

Whilst you can actually buy outdoor drink holders we thought this was a fun craft project and if you’re into glamping this could really work for your shabby chic style.


14) Duct Tape Emergency Supply

You never know when you’ll need some duct tape. This ingenious idea by Brian Green means you’ll always have an emergency supply.


15) Instant Oatmeal

Healthy Eating doesn’t have to be tricky on the go! Put away that sliced bread and make yourselves these filling, tasty and nutritious oatmeal bags. You can customise them with your fave flavours like walnuts, cinnamon or dark chocolate chips. We love the ease of this recipe.


16) Don’t forget the Baby wipes!

What did we do before these were invented. Your youngest has been out of nappies forever but baby wipes are still your must have piece of kit on a day our or trip. They’re so useful for dealing with spills, cleaning object or freshening yourself up. Here’s 31 more uses for them.


17) Bonfire Pop Corn

Popcorn’s having a bit of a moment, but save yourself the space of a shop bought bag with this tasty hack. All you need is popcorn kernels, oil and tin foil. This step by step guide is so easy to follow.


18) Plastic Bag Waterproof Liner

Wet backpack equals wet clothes and equipment, no one wants that. Don’t take the risk simply use a garbage bag as a waterproof lining. See here


19) Roll with it

Roll rather than fold your clothes and even better do it in a sock. It’ll help your clothes pack down so compact. Video Link here

6 steps to roll pack portrait AA

20) Camp Wardrobe

Hanging mesh storage is not only useful in the home but also on the road. Use it as a makeshift wardrobe in your tent or to store other equipment. cluitter

Why don’t you try out some of those next time you’re camping. Let us know how they went and send us your pictures!

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